History and Development of Gelex Cambodia

Mission statement: bring electricity to Cambodians who live in rural areas GELEX relationship with Cambodia from many years ago when supplied products as meters, transformer for Cambodian customers.


GELEX has launched its presence in Cambodian by setup GELEX CAMBODIA on June 2011. Since then, GELEX CAMBODIA has been continuously building its network basewhile developing partnership with private and pulic sectors GELEX CAMBODIA primary purpose is to provide its products with the best possible electric service at the lowest possible cost.

GELEX CAMBODIA distribute all GELEX products such as Meter (EMIC), Transformers (HEM, THIBIDI), Motor (HEM), Cable (CADIVI), Pump (HPMC), Protection and Control products (CTBT)... in Cambodia.

Gelex Cambodia

Allied Companies

  • EMIC
  • HEM
  • CTBT
  • EPT
  • CFT
  • HPMC