The voltmeters – ammeters type DT96 and type VA01 are measuring instruments of high – performance and high – reliability. They are manufactured by modern technology line and equipments, ensured quality according to ISO9001. They comply with class 2 or 2.5 specifications of the international standard IEC51-2.

These instruments are suitable for measurement direct or indirect (through PT or CT) voltage (parallel connection with load) – current (series connection with load) in alternating currents networks.


The voltmeters – ammeters type DT96 and type VA01 are moving – iron movement type with a pointer. The driving element consists of magnetic cores of laminated silicon steel of superior magnetic characteristics and a coil of high isolated wire. The zero setting device is mechanical. The mechanism of settjing time made of permanent magnet. The base is made of Bakelite resin. The cover is made of ABS plastic. The window is made of PC transparent plastic (Flame retardant). 2 Clips are easy for installing voltmeters – ammeters into electric board. 


Type DT96 VA01
Accuracy class   2 or 2.5   2 or 2.5
Display type   Pointer   Pointer
Length of scale 90mm 80mm
Settling time ≤ 4 sec ≤ 4 sec
Rated frequency 50 Hz 50 Hz
Insulation test  2kV/min  2kV/min
Assembling position Vertical Vertical
Outer dimensions 120 × 120 × 77 96 × 96 × 76
Assembling dimensions  110 × 110  90 × 90
Weight 0.45kg  0.35kg
Measuring ranges 100V, 300V, 450V, 500V 1A, 5A
Other measuring ranges (…/1A, …./5A, …./100V…) will be made following customer’s requirement



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