Low voltage current transformers



Low voltage Current Transformers epoxy casting type are measuring current transformers (i.e..., step-down) AC from high value to value where they can be measured by meters (Ammeter, Wattmeter, Electric Meter....) at the low voltage network (up to 1.2kV). There are two accuracy classifications; one for metering and one for protection.

Low voltage Current Transformers series have high performance and high reliability. They are manufacture by moderm technology line and equipments, ensuared quality according to ISO9001. They comply with accuracy class specifications of the international standard IEC60044-1 and TCVN 7697-1.


The steel core is made of the grain-oriented silicon steel with high permeability, ensuring minimum power fluctuation.

The wire of coil made of enamel wire high quality, temperature up to 1550C.

The whole core and coil are encapsulated by epoxy resin compound with high insualation, impervious to moisture.

CTs ratio of 1÷2.

The plastic external cover or epoxy of CT is use for insulating between the secondary coil and the primary insertion (Cable or bar).

Large size conductor-window allows easy cable or bar insertion.

By changing the number of the primary through conductors, various current ratios can be used.

The terminal block has a PC plastic terminal cover or terminal box made of aluminium and a sealing crew.

The steel base with 2 holes are easy for installing.

Indoor or outdoor service.

Note poles when connection.

For preventing hazardous, always be connected to load (burden) or short-circuit the secondary of the current transformer and ground one terminal of each secondary winding of the current transformer during operation.



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