Medium voltage current transformers



Medium voltage current transformers type CT* are instruments convert large AC currents in the primary circuit to an appropriate level for secondary circuit equipment (relays and meters) at the medium voltage line (up to 38.5 kV).

CT* series are designed epoxy casting or insulating oil immersed type.

CT* series have high performance and high reliability. They are manufactured and tested by modem technology line and equipments, ensured quality according to ISO9001:2000. They comply with accuracy class specification of the international standards IEC 185; IEC60044-1.

For preventing dangerous, the secondary of  the current transformer should always be connected to a load (burden) or short circuited.


The steel cores are made of the grain-oriented silicon steel with high permeability, ensuring minimum power fluctuation.

The windings are made of enamel wire with high quality, temperature up to 2000C, resistance Acid, Alkali, Oil…

The steel cores and windings are encapsulated by epoxy resin compound, composite or insulating oil immersed with high insulation, impervious to moisture.

There are many types:

  • CTs with 1 phase (1 primary winding).
  • CTs with 3 phase (3 primary winding).
  • CTs with 1 core.
  • CTs with 2 cores.
  • CTs with 3 cores.
  • CTs with 4 cores.
  • CTs with 5 cores.
  • CTs with 1 ratio.
  • CTs with many ratios.

The primary inputs are connected by parallel groove connectors or other types with high trustworthy.

The secondary terminals are located in an integral terminal block of body (epoxy, composite casting type) with protecting box, terminal cover made of aluminum or PC plastic and sealing screws.

The connection diagram marked on the Name-plate.

The base with 4 holes is easy for installing CT.

Indoor or outdoor service.

Note poles when connection.

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