Meter box



• The Composite Electricity Enclosure is designed and manufactured by Viet A Plastic and Composite Company
• Color: light grey
• Certified with ISO 9001.    
• Passed IEC 68-2, IEC 529, IEC 664, ASTM123, ASTM153, IEC 898.

• The enclosure is made from composite with 30% fiberglass reinforcement with heat press casting technology to ensure the stiffness, weatherproof, dust-proof and electricity insulation cover
• Collision Bearability: 20kJ for 2 or 4 meter enclosure and 10J for one meter enclosure.
• Convenient for both electricity input and output.
• Easy to install on the wall or concrete post (Diameter 200-250mm) with galvanized steel accessories, the enclosure cover is durable and does not deform after mounting to the structures.
• Product life: the enclosure ensure the inside system to operate stably during 20 year in tropical weather condition with all physical and electronic (this character has been certified officially).
• The enclosure is designed to satisfy the security requirement against thief or any illegal action.
• The enclosure consists of two parts, the meter is fixed in upper part and the other part is for other components such as fuse, switch and cable outlets.
• Safe lock and waterproof.
• Smooth Cover surface without default


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